The AVSA's membership is composed of a cadre of licensed glider pilots who congregate in Port Alberni to enjoy flight in its most pure and intimate form - soaring in sailplanes.

Not a glider pilot? No problem! Flight training is available at the Port Alberni airport through the Vancouver Island Soaring Centre. New pilots are always welcome! Check out What is Soaring? to learn more about gliding.

Currently a power pilot? Transitioning to gliders is simple, and can be accomplished in as little as a couple of weekends - rediscover the joy of flight.

Planning a vacation to Vancouver Island?
Qualified members of gliding clubs affiliated with the Soaring Association of Canada may rent the AVSA's PW-5 sailplane. Come and experience the excellent soaring conditions on offer in the Alberni Valley.

Feel free to view the Association's fees and rates and to download a membership form.